10 Delicious Foods I Still Drool Thinking About

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Hello there, sunshine! It is summer time in many parts of the world, and in the United States, Americans are firing up their grills. Burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob and sautéed vegetables are just a few of the mouth-watering foods we’re eating this time of year. Throw in ice cream or a slice of watermelon, and we’re in for a refreshing snack!

And while I do enjoy these warm summer days of burgers and sweet potato fries [ trying to be healthy here ], I’ve been reminiscing about all the delicious foods I’ve enjoyed abroad.

So here it is, my list of 10 delicious foods I still drool thinking about. Enjoy!

[ 1 ] : The Sacher Torte from Café Sacher

Where | Vienna, Austria

Why | Chocolate cake with apricot jam … Need I say more?

Sacher Torte
The Sacher Torte from Cafe Sacher

[ 2 ] : Pretzels

Where | Germany

Why | A soft, gigantic pretzel and a stein of beer makes for one delicious snack. Bonus points if you make it to Oktoberfest in Munich.

Germany Food
Pretzels in Munich

[ 3] : Cheese & Charcuterie Board from BA Wine Bar

Where | Lisbon, Portugal

Why | The staff at BA Wine Bar [ in the Bairro Alto neighborhood ] craft the most magnificent spread of cheese, meats, olives and bread. Couple that with a variety of Portuguese wines they help you pick, and you are in for one heck of a night.

Portugal Food 3
Cheese and charcuterie from BA Wine Bar

[ 4 ] : Smoked Meat Sandwich from Schwartz’s Deli

Where | Montreal, Canada

Why | If you get it to go, I guarantee you won’t be able to wait five minutes. It’s that delicious. I drool about it. I dream about it.

Montreal Food
Smoked meat sandwich from Schwartz’s Deli

[ 5 ] : Gnocchi from an In-Home Cooking Class

Where | Scala, Italy, on the Amalfi Coast

Why | A retired chef from Capri, helped us roll and cook gnocchi from scratch. What a meal. What an experience. And what great company!

Grazie to our lovely hosts, Nonno Carmine, Adriano and Ines!

Scala Food
Making gnocchi with Nonno Carmine.

[ 6 ] : Pastel de Nata

Where | Portugal

Why | Portugal makes it on the list twice because it’s JUST THAT GOOD. “Natas” are a Portuguese staple – a sweet, custard-filled dessert! For an original nata, head just outside of Lisbon to the town of Belém.

Portugal Food Nata 3
Pastel de Nata

[ 7 ] : Bitterballen

Where | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Why | How could you pass up this filthy delicious snack? Dough filled with a variety of different meats, rolled into a ball and coated with breadcrumbs are then deep-fried before serving.

You read it right – filthy delicious.


[ 8 ] : The DC Classic from a GCDC – Grilled Cheese Bar

Where | Washington, D.C.

Why | I know that D.C. isn’t abroad, but this grilled cheese is too good not to share! They successfully ensured that no future grilled cheese and tomato soup would compare. Pro tip: Pay $2 to add bacon.

I ate the grilled cheese too quickly to take a picture, so here’s two of my gals exploring D.C. with me!

[ 9 ] : Pierogi 

Where | Poland

Why | Similar to bitterballen in the Netherlands, pierogi are Polish dumplings filled with different types of fillings. The fillings are endless. There are pierogi with beef, pierogi with cheese, pierogi with potatoes, pierogi with fried onions, pierogi with cabbage, pierogi with spinach and mushrooms. [ Writer’s note: Reread this in Bubba’s voice from Forrest Gump. ]

Poland Food
My [ now ] husband digging into the “crazy dish.”  Like any good wife, I helped him eat the pierogi.

[ 10 ] : Fried Fish 

Where | Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Why | The Croatian style of preparing seafood may be different than what you’re used to, but be open-minded and courageous. I am so glad I did because it was oh so yummy!

croatia seafood

And there you have it! If you are salivating right now, I did my job!

Have you been to any of the countries and/or eaten any of the foods on my list? What would you add? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.




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