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Interlaken, Switzerland … a town so beautiful it doesn’t feel real.

Oh, Interlaken, you’re absolutely stunning. All aspects of this Swiss town come together to create the most spectacular scenery, which includes dozens of mountains, two teal-colored lakes, a river connecting the two lakes and vibrant-colored houses. You may need to pinch yourself as a reminder that you’re not dreaming — put it on your bucket list now — better yet, start planning your adventure to Interlaken with this go-to planning guide.

Don’t miss it

Spend a morning hiking one of the many Swiss Mountains surrounding Interlaken. Most have easy-to-follow hiking trails with various levels of difficulty. We hiked Harder Kulm Mountain, which took about two hours each way. The actual hike was a bit tough due to the steepness, but the views from start to finish were spectacular.  A viewing platform and restaurant sits at the summit. The platform offers panoramic views of both lakes, the river and the town below.

Interlaken is known as the “adventure capital of the world,” so whether you are on top of the mountain or on the ground in town, you see dozens of hang-gliders and para-gliders making their descents just over your head.

If hiking isn’t your thing and/or you have limited time, there is a funicular that transports you from the center of town to the top of Harder Kulm in less than 10 minutes.

Pretty cool

Interlaken sits between two lakes with a river connecting the two bodies of water. Spend some time wandering along the river. It is so crystal clear and clean, like everything else in Interlaken. Mother Nature has a special place in her heart for this town.

In the afternoon, pop in and out of the shops along the main shopping street, Höheweg, which includes high-end clothing boutiques, chocolate shops, elegant hotels, Swiss watch shops, a variety of restaurants and dozens of other vendors. Ps. I don’t recommend leaning against or touching the swanky, fancy cars.

Must try food/drink

In between eating chocolate, chocolate and then more chocolate, be sure to nibble on the famous Swiss cheeses. Cheese fondue is very popular in Switzerland. Warm cheese and bread … why not?!

Here’s a hint

Interlaken, and Switzerland in general, can be quite expensive. If this area is just one stop on a multi-country trip, I recommend limiting your restaurant dining experiences. Instead, stock up on food at the local grocery store or eat the much-cheaper street food. Save your money for dining experiences in more budget friendly cities, like Berlin, Prague, Lisbon and Budapest.

Wish I had more time for

Adventure seekers from across the world flock to Interlaken for its array of adrenaline-pumping activities, such as canyoning, parachuting, skydiving and hang-gliding. Be prepared for higher prices than you may experience elsewhere, although the scenic landscape in Interlaken really can’t be beat. I would have loved to go hang-gliding. Next time!


The oldest hostel in town, Balmers Hostel, is comfortable, clean, cool and centrally located. There’s tons of outdoor space to relax, and even plenty of hammocks to lounge in.

Next stop

Overnight train to Berlin, GermanySpend the extra money on a sleeper car. It’s worth a good night’s sleep.

Additional resources for planning your adventure

Wandering around town.
Interlaken, Switzerland
View from the lower part of Harder Kulm Mountain.
Halfway through the hike up Harder Kulm Mountain.
Hike to the top of Harder Kulm Mountain. There is also a train to the top if you prefer that mode of transportation or are on a time crunch.
Standing on the viewing platform at the summit of Harder Kulm Mountain.
View from the top of Harder Kulm Mountain.
View from the top of Harder Kulm Mountain.
There are so many charming houses, like this one, in Interlaken.
Wandering the outskirts of town.
The many vibrant houses of Interlaken.
Window views from Balmer’s Hostel, the oldest hostel in Interlaken.
Interlaken, Switzerland

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Interlaken Travel Guide

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