Interlaken | Switzerland : A Quick Guide to Planning Your Adventure

[ Interlaken, Switzerland ]

Interlaken, Switzerland, is breathtakingly beautiful. All aspects of this town come together to create the most spectacular scenery, which includes dozens of mountains, two lakes, a river and vibrant colored houses. During our visit, I kept thinking I should pinch myself as a reminder I wasn’t dreaming. This charming, picturesque town is absolutely worth a visit — put it on your bucket list now!


The oldest hostel in town, Balmers Hostel, is charming, clean, cool and centrally located. I highly recommend it.

Pretty cool

Interlaken sits between two lakes with a river connecting the two bodies of water. The teal-colored water is so clear and clean that you could spend hours just gazing at it. Wander along the river, which takes you through town [ filled with boutiques, high-end stores, restaurants and chocolate shops ]. The mountains on the side of the river offer a perfect backdrop.

Don’t miss it

Spend a morning hiking one of the many Swiss Mountains surrounding Interlaken. Most have easy-to-follow hiking trails with various levels of difficulty. We hiked Harder Kulm Mountain, which took about two hours each way. The actual hike was tough due to the steepness, but the views from start to finish were spectacular.  A viewing platform and restaurant sits at the summit. From the platform, you see both lakes, the river and the town. You will also see dozens of hang-gliders and para-gliders making their descents just over your head.

Wish I had more time for

Interlaken is well-known to adrenaline junkies. The city offers a variety of activities, such as canyoning, parachuting, skydiving and hang-gliding. I would have loved to go hang-gliding. Next time!

Must try food/drink

Chocolate, chocolate and then more chocolate.

Here’s a hint

Interlaken, and Switzerland in general, is very expensive. Save dining out for other cities and head to a local grocery store to stock up on food.

Next stop

Overnight train to Berlin, GermanySpend the extra money on a sleeper car. It’s worth a good night’s sleep.

[ Wandering around town – Interlaken, Switzerland ]
[ Interlaken, Switzerland ]
[ View from the lower part of Harder Kulm Mountain – Interlaken, Switzerland ]
[ Halfway through the hike up Harder Kulm Mountain – Interlaken, Switzerland ]
[ Made it to the top of the mountain! – Interlaken, Switzerland ]

[ Standing on the viewing platform at the summit of Harder Kulm Mountain – Interlaken, Switzerland ]
[ View from the top of Harder Kulm Mountain – Interlaken, Switzerland ]
[ View from the top of Harder Kulm Mountain – Interlaken, Switzerland ]
[ A charming house outside of town – Interlaken, Switzerland ]
[ Wandering the outskirts of town – Interlaken, Switzerland ]
[ An array of vibrant houses – Interlaken, Switzerland ]
[ View from the window in our hostel – Interlaken, Switzerland ]
[ Interlaken, Switzerland ]

Visited Interlaken before? Tell me about your experience here.

[ Follow the adventure to Berlin ]

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  1. Switzerland just looks amazing! I can’t wait to visit someday! Such beautiful landscapes!


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