How to Stay Active on Vacation


How to Stay Active on Vacation

You don’t need to find a local gym or even complete a structured work out to stay active on vacation. In fact, there are many ways to move around and exercise without even feeling like you’re working out! The key is to get moving and explore. There are plenty of benefits — you will have more energy and sleep better and you won’t feel guilty indulging in the local cuisine! You’ll also experience the city from a different perspective and, in many cases, at a fraction of the cost, which is extremely important if you’re planning a long-term trip.

If you want to stay active on vacation, here are five simple activities to incorporate into your next trip:

Skip the sunset boat cruise … Grab a paddle and kayak!

Ready for a booty-kicking workout and one that will definitely help you stay active on vacation? See the city from the water on a kayak [or canoe]. Join an organized group tour for the educational and historical component.

My favorite kayaking experience is on the Dalmatian Coast in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The four-hour tour took us around Dubrovnik and nearby Lokrum Island. Mid-tour, we took a break to snorkel and refuel over snacks. It was an intense workout, which ended just around sunset. Watching the sunset from the water was such a cool experience. We certainly earned our huge dinner [and Croatian wine] later that evening!

How to stay fit on vacation - croatia

Skip the metro or uber … Stay active on vacation with a bike!

The best part of biking is that you can set the pace. Do you want to pedal leisurely around the city? Are you cycling as an intense workout? No matter your preference, biking is a great alternative to taxis, Uber or the city metro. Many cities offer bike-share programs that are usually very affordable.

Kudos to Paris for its fantastic bike-share program. You can rent a bike in the morning and cycle around the city all day! Many hostels offer bike rentals for a nominal fee. In Bruges, cycle along the canals to the nearby beaches [on the Dutch border]. Just don’t get lost in Belgium like we did. If you’re not comfortable exploring on your own, sign up for a biking tour — like the Sound of Music bike tour in Salzburg.

how to stay fit on vacation - paris bike

Skip the bus tour … Get walking!

Walking tours are a great way to get your bearings for a city. They are also an easy way to get some exercise! Almost every city offers organized walking tours, where a local guide will share the city’s history, culture and social norms, all while navigating the group around the major sights. I recommend a tips-based walking tour, as it supports a local [usually a student] and it feels very authentic. Just Google “free walking tours” to find the meeting spot, and remember to tip at the end!

If you’re traveling in Europe, check out walking tours with Sandeman’s New Europe. Additionally, some of my favorite local walking tour companies are in Lisbon, Porto and Paris.

how to stay fit on vacation - walking tour - paris

Skip the funicular … Stay active with an intense hike and climb!

Every city has it — an elevated high point or viewing spot that overlooks the city below. There is something so picturesque about seeing a city from above and far away. There’s always an easy way to access these places, whether that be a car, elevator, funicular, etc.

If you want to stay active on vacation, look for alternatives for getting to the top, like hiking or climbing. While it certainly takes longer, but what better way to earn that magnificent view? You may even appreciate it more.

Many cathedrals and town squares have a bell tower that tourists can climb for a fee. Do it! There may even be times when you do not even realize you are working out, like walking the city walls in Dubrovnik. Those stairs are steep!

My favorite hikes/climbs are out in nature, such as hiking a mountain to get to a viewing platform. In Interlaken, Switzerland, we skipped the 10-minute funicular ride and chose to hike for two hours up Harder Kulm mountain. Lots of sweat later, the Swiss views just felt more spectacular. And guess what? It was all completely free.

how to stay fit on vacation - hike

Skip the relaxing wine bar … Hit the dance floor.

If you really want to stay active on vacation, this one may be a stretch. And it’s certainly not for everyone. But hey, dancing burns some serious calories! Hit the club scene in Amsterdam or Rome. Learn flamenco in Spain. Get your groove on at a dance hall in Freiburg. Boogie down at a local festival, like Oktoberfest. You’ll burn off the calories of those cocktails, beer and wine! Stay active? Check. Have fun? Check. It’s a win-win!

Here’s a glimpse of the fun [and dancing!] that goes on inside the Oktoberfest tents in Munich.

… and there you go — you now have plenty of ideas for how to stay active on vacation! After after all your moving and grooving, you deserve that gelato, black forest cake or tiramisu!

If you enjoyed these tips, pin it for other travelers to know how to stay active on vacation! And of course, share your healthy and active travel tips with other travelers in the comments below.

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