Salzburg | Austria : A Quick Guide to Planning Your Adventure



 Salzburg-Eduard-Heinrich-Haus, a youth hostel outside of the city center.

Pretty cool

Augustiner Bräustubl is bit difficult to find, but the beer and food will make the journey well worth it. This monastery-run brewery has been in operation for nearly 400 years. Choose from a liter or half-liter stein of beer before tracking down an empty seat in the massive, but likely very packed, biergarten. If you don’t pack your own food [ which is permitted ], there are several vendors inside that offer street-food-style Austrian grub. Don’t let the crowds scare you away – just join a table and strike up a convo! Go ahead and learn to say, “Sorry, I don’t speak German very well,” if you haven’t already. The Austrians are incredibly friendly, so cheers with your new friends by saying, “Prost!”

Don’t miss it

Fräulein Maria’s Bicycle Tours. Whether you are a fan of the “Sound of Music” or not [ but how could you not be? ], this four-hour bike tour takes you through the entire city center and even outside the city, all while singing “Do-Re-Mi,” “My Favorite Things,” “Sixteen Going on Seventeen,” and other classics. The tour guide points out key spots from the movie as well as other important buildings and areas in Salzburg. Once outside the city, the hills really do come alive [ see what I did there? ], and you’ll feel as if you’re riding along the Austrian Alps. It’s a serene ride not to be missed.

Wish I had more time for

The Salzburg fortress sits on top of a hill overlooking the city below, and it can be seen from almost any spot in Salzburg. I’ve read there isn’t too much to do once you get to the top, but I imagine the views of the city below and the Alps in the distance are beautiful. I recommend waking up early to catch the sunrise from this spot!

Must try food/drink

The food mentioned in previous Austrian and German posts [ Celle, Freiburg, Berlin and Vienna ] are also worth eating in Salzburg. Gasthaus Zwettler has a wide variety of hearty dishes, and the kasespätzle [ mac and cheese with fried onions ] is phenomenal! I snacked on a brezel [ aka a soft pretzel ] that was larger than my head while on the four-hour bicycle tour … and I have no shame.

Here’s a hint

The public transportation is very affordable and efficient in Salzburg. Don’t worry so much about staying in the city center, as it will be very simple to get around by bus. Also, there were many restaurants and boutiques closed during my visit because September isn’t a busy tourist time. I didn’t mind missing the huge crowds, but be sure to determine your preferences before booking a trip!

Lastly, take a day trip to Hallstatt, Austria, which is a two-hour train ride southeast of Salzburg. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this small, charming town looks like a town imagined in a fairytale. To get to the Hallstatt, you must take a ferry ride across the lake, where you’ll pass swans, sailboats, paddle boarders, and water skiers. The town is filled with boutiques, cafes and restaurants. It is also well-known for its salt mine, Salzwelten. The tour of Salzwelten is a bit cheesy and could use an update from a marketing firm, but it’s still a pretty neat experience. You’ll even get to slide down a mega-slide into the mine. Even better, the view of the town, lake and mountain from the top of Salzwelten is worth the tour admission cost!

Next stop

Purchased my Oktoberfest garb and hopped a train to Munich, Germany.

Visited Salzburg before? Share your recommendations, tips and experiences in the comments below.

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[ Salzburg, Austria ]
[ Salzburg, Austria ]
[ Mirabell Gardens – Salzburg, Austria ]
[ Mirabell Gardens – Salzburg, Austria ]
[ Salzburg, Austria ]
[ The gazebo from the Sound of Music, which can now be found in the park of Hellbrunn Palace – Salzburg, Austria ]
[ Salzburg, Austria ]
[ Leopoldskron Palace – Salzburg, Austria ]
[ Nonnberg Abbey – Salzburg, Austria ]
[ View from Nonnberg Abbey – Salzburg, Austria ]
[ Salzburg, Austria ]
[ Salzburg, Austria ]
[ Salzburg, Austria ]
[ Salzburg, Austria ]
[ Fraulein Maria Bicycle Tours – Salzburg, Austria ]
[ Salzburg, Austria ]
[ Salzburg, Austria ]
[ Salzburg, Austria ]
[ A salt mine tour of Salzwelten – Hallstatt, Austria ]
[ Hallstatt, Austria ]
[ Hallstatt, Austria ]
[ Hallstatt, Austria ]
[ Hallstatt, Austria ]
[ Hallstatt, Austria ]
[ Hallstatt, Austria ]

Planning a trip and want more details? I would love to share more recommendations and tips with you. Provide me with your contact info by clicking here.

[ Follow the adventure to Munich ]

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  1. Alesia Piol says:

    Loved the pictures!! I really want to spend a winter in Austria and go to the Christmas markets 😍


    1. I would love to go to one of the Christmas markets too. It’s on my bucket list! 🙂


  2. Mel & Suan says:

    Ok, reasons for you to return. Because the Honhensalzburg fortress is great to explore within and not just for the views of the city. If you buy the Salzburg card, it should cover this and the transport too right? Potato dumplings, that’s what we liked.
    Awe did not go to Hallstatt…! Ok our reason to return.


    1. Couldn’t agree! I will definitely return to Salzburg one day 🙂 You’ll have to make it over to Hallstatt too. It’s beautiful!

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