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Hello. Bonjour. Hola. Ciao. Hallo. Olá. Ahoj. I am Elizabeth [the blondie in the blue backpack].

In July 2016, I backpacked through Western and Central Europe with my close friend and sorority sister, Ally [the one in the green jacket and fabulous shades]. This three-month trip gave me the opportunity to experience cultures and lifestyles that are so different from my own.

Shocking to no one, it opened my eyes to how massive the world really is. It gave me the “wanderlust” that everyone speaks of. I returned to my home in Kentucky, but my mind is always dreaming of that next adventure —whether that be another trip across the pond to or a quick weekend getaway to visit our northern friends in Canada or simply bopping around my own country, the United States.

Let me share my experiences and travel tips with you. Whether you are planning a long-term trip of your own or simply eager to learn a bit about a specific country through a city travel guide, my hope is that these recommendations and insights are of value to you.

And if you are seeking a new adventure, I encourage you to go for it. There isn’t a right way to live your life. It is too short to not be madly in love with it. So, dare to be different. Be courageous. Take the leap. Trust yourself – both your heart and your brain. And above all, go after what is important to you. Your soul will thank you.

Happy travels,


PS. You can read my full travel story, which shares more details on why I decided to travel. If you want to plan a similar trip, start with this guide on how to plan a long-term trip.

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