Bath | England : A Quick Guide to Planning Your Adventure

The Roman Baths – Bath, England


 Bath YMCA. This budget-friendly hostel is in the perfect location. I was blown away by the cleanliness and spaciousness of the dorms, too. And the staff were so friendly!

Pretty cool

You can’t visit Bath and not tour the ancient roman baths. Nearly 2,000 years ago, the same bath you see today was used as a place of socialization and relaxation. According to the Roman Bath Museum, it is one of the most well-preserved Roman sites in the world.

Don’t miss it

Pack your swimsuit and head to the Thermae Bath Spa an hour before sunset. Relax in the rooftop bath while overlooking the city below. It’s very therapeutic, and the view of the town is mesmerizing. Indoors, there are several saunas with therapeutic aromas. After a long day of walking around the town, you’ll enjoy this “me time.”

Wish I had more time for

Not a thing! Two nights was the perfect amount of time.

Must try food/drink

An afternoon tea or coffee in a café on the Pulteney Bridge overlooking the River Avon. Absolutely beautiful!

Here’s a hint

Visit the Pump Room Restaurant and ask the host/hostess to try the hot spa water, which contains over 40 minerals. Legend has it, you will live for 100 years if you drink it. You don’t need to dine at the restaurant for a taste of it, so why not?!

There is also an excellent free walking tour through the Mayor’s Guides. Walking tours are great ways to get your bearings of the area, while also learning the history of a city.

Next stop 

Took the train back to London to catch the Eurostar Train to Paris, France.

Umbrellas in the sky make shopping much more fun 🙂
Take a scroll among the River Avon admiring the elegant town of Bath!
The Roman Baths – worth the admission fee!
The lovely Roman Baths.
The perfect place to sip wine and gawk at Bath’s marvelous golden-stone facades is the Royal Crescent.
Bath, England
The fountain from which you can taste the hot spa water, located in the Pump Room Restaurant.
The lovely Georgian architecture.
Coffee and cake overlooking the River Avon from a cafe on the Pulteney Bridge.

Visited Bath before? Share your experience and recommendations with others by commenting below.

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