Vienna | Austria : A Quick Guide to Planning Your Adventure

Karlskirche, one of the Vienna’s iconic landmarks.
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Dozens of beautiful buildings and a whole lot of delicious coffee.

Well, that’s pretty much Vienna in a nutshell (only kidding). At first glance, Austria and Germany have quite a bit in common, such as the national language and mouthwatering cuisine. However, Vienna has its own unique charm. From the coffee houses to the museums to the opera houses to the wine bars to the palaces, Vienna casts a spell on you and leaves you begging to return for more.

Don’t miss it

Spend an afternoon hopping around popular coffee houses such as Demel, Cafe Central, Cafe Leopold Hawelka and Café Sacher. The latter is home to the original Sacher Torte. Once fully dosed up on coffee and cake, enjoy an authentic Viennese meal at Figlmüller. Make a reservation in advance to avoid missing the famously-delicious wiener schnitzel.

Cafe Sacher, home to the original Sacher Torte.

Finally, end the evening at Dachboden, a trendy rooftop cocktail lounge in the 25 Hours Hotel. It offers spectacular views of the city, in addition to an array of delicious Austrian wine. You may even catch a wine or music festival below in Weghuberpark, a small park sandwiched between the hotel and Trautson Palace.

Overlooking a wine festival from the rooftop of Dachboden, a trendy cocktail lounge in the 25 Hours Hotel.

Pretty cool

The Habsburgs, the former Austrian royal family, expanded their empire through Europe over many centuries. Vienna is home to many of the family’s palaces, most of which have been repurposed as museums. It’s worth a trip to Schloss Schönbrunn, one of the Habsburgs’ summer residences, where you will wander the perfectly manicured gardens and take in one heck of a city view. The perfectly kept gardens remind me of the serene, yet, lavish gardens in Ravello, Italy and the castles near Garmisch-Partenkirchen outside of Munich.

The gardens at Schloss Schonbrunn.

Must try food/drink

Coffee, cake and schnitzel. Repeat daily. Dine at Joseph Brot for breakfast, which is well-known in Austria for its freshly-baked bread. Locals and guidebooks may suggest the Naschmarkt for lunch. This food market is primarily vendors selling olives, seafood, sweets, produce and souvenirs. If I lived in Vienna, I would certainly shop here. For a vacation, though, I recommend simply wandering through it, but choose another place to dine for lunch or dinner.

Much of the local food staples were similar to that of Berlin, Freiburg and Munich. Aint nobody complaining about that!

Coffee and cake at Demel.

Here’s a hint

We frequently stumbled upon outdoor festivals in Vienna, such as a local wine festival and a kid-friendly carnival. The wine festival is how we really discovered Austrian culture and Viennese wine, so I encourage you to shake up your original plans when presented with spontaneous opportunities.

Stumbled upon a carnival outside of Karlskirche, one of the city’s iconic churches.

Spend an entire afternoon simply wandering around the city and taking in the incredible architecture. Like Budapest, the buildings are absolutely beautiful (both day and night). Even better, take a tips-based walking tour to ensure you see the best in the city, as well as learn a bit of Austrian history.

Wish I had more time for

Austria is developing a reputation for its wine. I wish I had taken a vineyard tour and tasting, specifically a tour where you bike to and from each location. I also hoped to visit Schloss Belvedere, another one of the Habsburgs’ beautiful palaces. A reason to go back!

Karlskirche in Vienna.


An Airbnb near the Josefstadt neighborhood, which is just outside the city center. For a stay of three days or longer (which I highly recommend), purchase a 72-hour Vienna card, which allows unlimited public transportation use for three days. The train system is very easy to navigate.

Spend the evening in Prater, a park within the city that has an amusement park.

Next stop

Purchased the Sound of Music movie on iTunes to watch on the train ride to Salzburg, Austria. So long, farewell, Vienna!

Have you visited Vienna before? Share your recommendations, tips and experiences in the comments below.

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Spend an afternoon at Schloss Schonbrunn, one of the Habsburgs’ former summer residences.
Karlskirche in Vienna.
Vienna – Austria
Schloss Schönbrunn.
The Austrian National Library.
Part of the Hofburg Palace, the Neue Burg.

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Disclaimer: Anchored Adventure Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. When you make a purchase from the links above (at no additional cost to you), I earn a small commission.

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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    We were in Vienna only once with a tour group and for only 2 days! Schonbrunn is definitely our favourite. If we can get back to Vienna, will definitely try the cafes. Did you enjoy pastries/cakes & coffee in the city?

    1. Absolutely! The coffee, cake and pastries were my favorite part of the trip. We spent an entire afternoon hopping from cafe to cafe. Such a fun and beautiful city! 🙂

  2. wow seems very nice. hoping to visit Austria this year. lovely pictures. 🙂

    1. Thanks! You absolutely should plan a visit. Austria is beautiful! Let me know if you want more recommendations 🙂

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