Bruges | Belgium : A Quick Guide to Planning Your Adventure

[ My first Belgian waffle, topped with powdered sugar, ice cream and chocolate – Bruges, Belgium ]


It’s hard not to laugh at the odd name but Snuffel Hostel exceeded all expectations. The decor is artsy, the dorm rooms are huge, the bathrooms are super clean, the lockers are large, and the lively bar was casual! So many great Belgian beers on tap, too.

Pretty cool

Take a brewery tour of De Halve Maan, which has an incredible rooftop view of this picturesque town. The view alone makes the small tour price worth it! Plus, you can enjoy a complimentary beer after the tour. Cha-ching!

Don’t miss it

Rent bikes and head to the beach [ located on the Dutch border ].  The bike path along the canals is peaceful and scenic. Just don’t get lost like we did! A 10-mile bike ride turned into 46 miles. Check out the full story.

Wish I had more time for

Another night or two to explore the night scene. Bruges has so many cool bars and a lot of delicious beer. I wish I had been able to check out a few more.

Must try food/drink

Chocolate, Belgium waffles, fries and Brugse Zot beer.

Here’s a hint

Don’t mention Nutella…Apparently, the Belgians aren’t the biggest fans.

Next stop

Hopped the train to Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

[ Damme, Belgium ]
[ Market Square – Bruges, Belgium ]
[ Bruges, Belgium ]
[ Bruges, Belgium ]

Visited Bruges before? Share your recommendations and tips in the comments below.

[ Follow the adventure to Amsterdam ]

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  1. lovely pictures.

    lol, perhaps carry a jar of Crumpy when travelling around Belgium? 🙂 but wow the waffle looks delish…


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