Join the 30-Day Monthly Challenges in 2019

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We’re taking on a 30-day challenge every month in 2019!

Why a monthly challenge?

A monthly challenge is a fun way to try something new while also easing your way into forming new habits. Together, we will feel healthier [both mentally and physically], expand our knowledge, help others in need, improve the environment and increase our wealth [aka save some cash money to travel and experience more].

I am not saying we’re going to solve world hunger or become mega-millionaires [a girl can dream, right?], but I do know this: small, consistent activities can make a big impact over time.

Who’s in? 

Do your best. That’s what matters. Challenge yourself, but don’t be hard on yourself. So if you aren’t interested in one of the books, choose another. If you’re at a dinner party with only filthy delicious but unhealthy food, just eat the dang food!

Let’s do this! Share your experience in the comments below and join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

Have a challenge or book suggestion for the second half of the year [July – December]? Please share your ideas!

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Remember to share your experience and comments on Twitter, Facebook or the comment section below.

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