World Cup Semifinals | Croatia vs. England “Expert” Predictions

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You know those people who give their opinions and talk about topics they really know nothing about? Well, that’s me, when it comes to [ almost all things ] sports. Ironically, I married a sportswriter, and I am still clueless.

So with the World Cup semifinals this week, I feel beyond qualified to share my “expert” match predictions. Unfortunately, my prediction for the France vs. Belgium match was wrong, so I have a shot to redeem myself [ and restore my sports credibility ].

So, here it goes: My prediction for the Croatia vs. England match based solely on my personal travel experiences.

Croatia vs. England | Wednesday, July 11


Team | Croatia

Team Colors | Red, White and Blue (and sometimes black)

Team Captain | Zagreb

Top 10 Team Strengths

  1. Beautiful coast line + eclectic islands
  2. Marbled streets + walled old towns
  3. Sailing + kayaking + windsurfing + boating
  4. Natural wonders
  5. Fresh seafood
  6. Mesmerizing waterfalls
  7. Rich blue sea + enchanting sunsets
  8. Nationals parks
  9. Underrated and rich red wine + renowned white wines
  10. Olive oil


Team | England

Team Colors | Red, White and Blue

Team Captain | London

Top 10 Team Strengths

  1. Renowned theatre + plays + musicals
  2. Pubs + fish and chips
  3. Afternoon tea + fantastic accents
  4. Red phone booths
  5. Prestigious universities
  6. Royal family
  7. Lush gardens + countryside + natural hot springs
  8. Big stones in the middle of nowhere
  9. Cathedrals + palaces + medieval castles
  10. World-class museums + art galleries

Match Prediction | Croatia is a new, hip country that is forging its own path. It’s an exciting time to explore this marvelous place, so I predict Croatia is not only going to win vs. England — they’re bringing the World Cup all the way home!

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