World Cup Semifinals | France vs. Belgium “Expert” Predictions

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I don’t know much about soccer apart from my husband watching it every Saturday [ well, it feels like every Saturday ]. He sets his alarm [ who does that on a Saturday?! ], changes into his English jersey and screams “LET’S [ EXPLICIT ] GOOOOOO” while beating his chest and jumping on the couch. Does he look like a 6-year-old throwing a temper tantrum? Yes. But the man sure does get amped up for his team. It’s very fitting that he is a sportswriter in his professional career.

I share a similar kind of passion and enthusiasm for traveling. And with the World Cup semifinals approaching [ and the remaining four teams being European countries I’ve explored ], I feel beyond qualified to share my “expert” match predictions based solely on my personal travel experiences.

France vs. Belgium | Tuesday, July 10

Team France

Team | France 

Team Colors | Blue, White and Red

Team Captain | Paris

Top 10 Team Strengths

  1. The five C’s — Cheese + Crêpes + Champagne + Croissants + Cafés — are the perfect starting lineup. [ See what I did there? ]
  2. Romance
  3. Museums + art
  4. Fashion
  5. Wine
  6. Macarons
  7. Baguettes + butter
  8. Massive bike races
  9. Churches + castles + monuments + historical sites
  10. Beautiful beaches


Team | Belgium

Team Colors | Black, Gold and Red

Team Captain | Brussels

Top 10 Team Strengths

  1. Chocolate
  2. Waffles
  3. Beer + fancy glasses
  4. Canals
  5. Gothic towns
  6. Fries
  7. Biking trails
  8. Grand city squares
  9. Castles + caves
  10. Diamonds

Match Prediction | France is the most visited country in Europe. It’s popular for a lot of reasons, but I predict Belgium [ the “underdog” in terms of travel ] will take the victory.

[ More photos from France, specifically Paris ]


[ More photos from Belgium, specifically in and around Bruges]


[ Next Match | England vs. Croatia | Wednesday, July 11 ] 

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