Celle | Germany : A Quick Guide to Planning Your Adventure

[ Celle, Germany ]

Celle is a small German town an hour south of Hamburg. Ally and I decided to visit Celle because she has close family friends that recently moved back there from the United States. We stayed with them in their home and had a wonderful visit. While in Celle, I realized that spending time with locals is a quick way to learn [ and appreciate ] the culture. Together, we explored the restaurants, cafes and castle in Celle, and we even ventured to nearby towns [ like Lüneburg, a cute German town where we enjoyed shopping and a delicious German dinner ]. Therefore, I strongly recommend staying with locals on parts of any extended trip, even if it’s as simple as staying in an Airbnb with a local host/hostess. I am confident you will have a fulfilling experience, similar to the one I had in Celle!

Accommodation: In the home of a very kind German family. 

Pretty cool: I really enjoyed getting a true feel for German life. We picked up the kids from school, ate a traditional German breakfast each morning, ran errands and enjoyed dinner with the family in the evenings.

Don’t miss it: German food, including schnitzel, potatoes, nuremberg sausages, cake and lots of bread. 

Wish I had more time for:  An evening in Hamburg. We took the train into the city for the day, but we missed out on the night life. I have been told by many Germans that it’s quite fun! 

Must try food/drink: Schofferhofer beer. Or as our German hostess would say, “ladies beer.”

Here’s a hint: If in Hamburg, try the “fischbrötchen,” and then tell me how it is. When I saw the fish still had its head, I freaked out and changed my order. It was very unlike me on the trip [ I was usually eager to try the local dishes ]. I still regret it! 

[ Next stop ]: Train to Freiburg, Germany.

[ Luneburg, Germany ]
[ Luneburg, Germany ]
[ Luneburg, Germany ]
[ Luneburg, Germany ]
[ Hamburg, Germany ]
[ Hamburg, Germany ]

Visited Celle, Lüneburg or Hamburg before? Tell me about your experience here.

[ Follow the adventure to Freiburg]

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