Bruges | Belgium : A Quick Guide to Planning Your Adventure

[ My first Belgian waffle, topped with powdered sugar, ice cream and chocolate – Bruges, Belgium ]

Accommodation: Snuffel Hostel. Don’t doubt the odd name, as this hostel exceeded all expectations- spacious rooms, clean bathrooms, large lockers and even a fun, casual bar. 

Pretty cool:  Take a brewery tour of De Halve Maan, which has an incredible rooftop view of this picturesque town. 

Don’t miss it: Rent bikes and head out to the beach [ located on the Dutch border ].  The bike path along the canals is peaceful and scenic. Just don’t get lost like we did! A 10-mile bike ride turned into 46 miles. 

Wish I had more time for: Another night or two to explore the night scene. Bruges has so many cool bars and a lot of delicious beer. I wish I had been able to check out a few more.

Must try food/drink: Chocolate, Belgium waffles, fries and Brugse Zot beer. 

Here’s a hint: Don’t mention Nutella…Apparently, the Belgians aren’t the biggest fans.

[ Next stop ]: Train to Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

[ Damme, Belgium ]
[ Market Square – Bruges, Belgium ]
[ Bruges, Belgium ]
[ Bruges, Belgium ]

Visited Bruges before? Tell me about your experience here.

[ Follow the adventure to Amsterdam ]

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  1. lovely pictures.

    lol, perhaps carry a jar of Crumpy when travelling around Belgium? 🙂 but wow the waffle looks delish…


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