Dublin | Ireland : A Quick Guide to Planning Your Adventure

[ Spending the day hiking through Howth Cliffs, which is located 30 minutes outside the city – Dublin, Ireland ]

Accommodation: Four Courts Hostel [ Great location, friendly staff and pretty clean ]

Pretty cool: Brazenhead, the oldest bar/restaurant in Dublin.

Don’t miss it: An audio tour of the Guinness Storehouse. Following the tour, enjoy a pint of Guinness and panoramic city views in the top floor bar, Gravity Bar.

Wish I had more time for: An evening out in the Temple Bar area.

Must try food/drink: A pint of Guinness, Irish coffee and fish & chips.

Here’s a hint: While enjoying a Guinness, you might as well be wearing a “foreigner” sticker on your forehead. Apparently, the Irish rarely drink Guinness, nor do Irish ladies drink out of pint glasses. Don’t let it stop you, you are in Ireland after all!

[ Next stop ]: Rented a car and drove to Galway, Ireland. We made several stops in small towns along the way, such as Athlone, where the oldest pub in Ireland [ Sean’s Bar ] is located!

[ My first Guinness and fish n’chips at Brazenhead, the oldest restaurant in the city – Dublin, Ireland ]
[ The Guinness Storehouse – Dublin, Ireland ]
[ Howth Cliffs – Dublin, Ireland ]
[ Howth Cliffs – Dublin, Ireland ]
[ Howth Cliffs – Dublin, Ireland ]
[ Stopped in Sean’s Bar, the oldest pub in Ireland, for a pint of Guinness. Sean’s Bar dates back to 900 AD – Athlone, Ireland ]

Visited Dublin before? Tell me about your experience here.

[ Follow the adventure to Galway ]

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